Ev battery fires

Latest global EV battery fire data

EV FireSafe collates real-world incident data with funding from the Australian Department of Defence. Here's the latest update for APRIL 2024...
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EV Charging Site Safety Sign (free download)

Our research indicates a number of the EV battery fires that occur connected to charging are caused by previous damage to the battery pack; primarily collision, submersion, exposure to another fire or where the EV has been recalled by the manufacturer due to a fault.

To help raise awareness of these risks amongst site managers and EV drivers, we've developed a charging site safety sign in collaboration with EV industry groups.

You can download, print and install the sign at your site by clicking the button below.

Battery Fire Risk Matrix - EVs vs eBikes

We know there's a lot of confusion for Strata and Owners Corporations on battery fire likelihood and risk.

To help everyone better understand lithium-ion battery fires in different devices and vehicles, we've created a data-based risk matrix.

It's is free to download (via evfiresafe.com) and highlights the risk of personal mobility devices (PMDs) vs electric vehicles (EVs). 
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Train with EV FireSafe & tap into world-leading research, consulting & training.


We're funded by the Australian Department of Defence to research EV battery fires & emergency response. See our research at evfiresafe.com
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EVs are rolling into every sector. Let us help with a Battery Fire Risk Assessment & Green Procurement guidance. Contact us.


What do we need to know to stay safer around EVs & lithium-ion batteries...& how quickly can we get everyone there? Check out our training options.
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Battery fire courses designed for:

Retail, education, health, accommodation, venues, tourism, airports, car hire, automotive workshops, towing, removal, storage, auction, dealerships, fleet managers, residential strata, government, carparks, emergency responders, emergency managers, impound, recycling & waste.
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