Electric Vehicle
Charging Site Fire Safety

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  • EV FireSafe with Lithium-Ion Safety (Prof Paul Christensen)
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Protect your site from
electric vehicle and lithium-ion battery fires

Electric vehicle fires are rare, but when they do occur they present new risks and challenges for everyone.

EV FireSafe's database shows approx 18% of fires happen while the EV is connected to energised charging, with around a third of those in a car park.

This online report steps through that data, increases your awareness of risk and then provides sensible steps to work with your stakeholders to better protect life and property safety.

Inside your online Electric Vehicle Charging Site Fire Safety report you'll find:


Do you need approval for EV charging and what do you need to know?


How many EVs catch fire around the world...and how many while charging?

What's included?


A step-by-step process using easy checklists, templates and posters to improve safety.

Fleet Managers and Drivers

Information and draft operating procedures for Fleet EV Drivers charging at home

Ebikes and Power Tools

Smaller lithium-ion batteries pose a higher risk of battery fire...use these mitigation strategies.

EV Fire Desktop Exercise

Using real-world info, this exercise will help you test site emergency management.

Plus additional support

Standards and Codes

A complete list of Standards relating to EVs and EV Charging in Australia and NZ.

Important information for:

Strata and Body Corporates
Apartment Living EV Owners
Commercial and Industrial Site Owners/Managers
Fleet Managers and Drivers
Government Fleets or Rebate Schemes

When working with your:

Building Surveyor
Fire Engineer
Fire Agency
Insurance Company

All the resources you need for safer EV charging sites

From initial proposal to annual inspections, you'll have access to a massive range of resources, including:
  • Safer EV Charging Checklist
  • EV Safety at Charging Sites poster
  • Placarding and Signage
  • Pre-Incident Plan for EV Charging Sites
  • EV Emergency Response Plan
  • EV Charging Weekly Maintenance Plan
  • EV Charging Annual Maintenance Plan
  • Fleet Manager's Safer Home Charging Checklist
  • Fleet Manager's Driver Draft SOPs
  • Lithium-ion Battery Fire Awareness poster
  • EV Battery Fire Awareness poster

Design, Install and Maintain Safer EV Charging now!

Start anytime

Life-saving info presented in an easy to follow format that you can review any time

Identify risk

Empower yourself to identify your risks and take sensible steps to reduce them

Be aware

Provide data-backed knowledge to your stakeholders

Use resources

Downloadable resources to help you create a safer EV charging site

Introducing your expert instructors

Emma Sutcliffe

EV FireSafe director
Emma is the Director of EV FireSafe, a private company funded by the Australian Department of Defence to research EV battery fires & emergency response. She is also an operational volunteer firefighter.

Dan Fish

Dan is EV FireSafe's Technical Specialist & EV safety guru. He started his career as a mechanic & became a full-time firefighter 20 years ago. He now has an encyclopaedic knowledge of EVs & high voltage systems.

Professor Paul Christensen

lithium-ion safety
Paul is a Professor of Pure & Applied Electrochemisty at Newcastle University, UK. His work in lithium-ion battery fires is globally recognised for it's contribution to safety.

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