Protect yourself from 
lithium-ion battery & electric vehicle fires

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Life saving learning in an electrified world...

Our expert team offers:
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Live Online Training

Three hour, in-depth live training sessions with world-leading SMEs, focused on electric vehicle emergency management best practice.

Led by global experts - who are also emergency responders - to provide foundational information for emergency responders & managers.

Once completed, you'll understand how to use the IAIIM process to manage incidents involving electric vehicles & lithium-ion batteries, & use those skills in harmony with your agency SOPs.

Online Awareness Courses

A series of self-guided, video based short courses covering fire safety basics, & safer EV charging, procurement & high voltage isolation.

Designed by global experts to provide awareness, guidance & knowledge to businesses, people & places, but also suitable for emergency responders.

Once completed, you'll understand how lithium-ion batteries work, their fire risk, safer charging & how to use global best practice to protect people & property.
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Courses & Training designed for:

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Emergency responders

Firefighters, road rescuers, police, paramedics, tow trucks, roadside assist, traffic management, roads & tunnel operators, emergency managers for all forms of transport.
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Post incident

Impound & forensics, fire investigation, battery end-of-life businesses in the recycling, remanufacture & reuse sectors.
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Retail, education, health

Shopping centres, educational campus, health & aged care centres, hotels & accommodation, venues & conference centres, tourism & events, airports & car hire.
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Transport truck drivers, dealerships, roadside assistance, auto workshops & repairs, towing & removal, storage & auction, auto salvage & traffic incident management.
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Fleet & carparks

Fleet managers, residential strata, government departments, light EV juicing & operation, public & private carpark owners.

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