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Fire safety of electric vehicles for

Business & Industry

Live saving learning for an electrified world...

Creating safer EV-ready businesses

Lithium-ion batteries (LiBs) power our lives. They're everywhere, from the phone in your back pocket, electric bikes, vehicles and even large scale energy storage systems. In normal use, they're inherently safe to operate & charge.

But, when LiBs catch fire, known as 'thermal runaway',  they present significant risks to life & property. 

We know business and industry face are confusing mixed-messages about EV fire safety, especially where there's little to no regulation. And, while the risks of popular passenger and fleet electric vehicles are now backed by experience and early testing, the roll in of specialist EVs such as electric ground service equipment in airports, dump trucks in mines and armoured vehicles in military poses new fire safety challenges to be explored and understood.

Using data-driven analysis, we support businesses to fulfil their duty of care and insurance obligations, all while keeping up with decarbonisation targets and a rapidly electrifying world.

Here's how we can support your journey...

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Risk Assessment & Green Procurement Report

Leveraging our global database of real-world incidents, EV FireSafe's qualified risk assessor uses a Bow Tie Risk Assessment to identify the threats, preventative controls, escalation factors, recovery controls and consequences of an EV battery fire at your airport, mining site, military base, facility, port or building. 

We've worked with some of the world's largest companies, including DHL, AirBP, Vicinity Centres, Westfield and Cox Automotive to create foundational Green Procurement guidance for safer people and property.

Please contact our Director for more information.

Specialist Webinars

Our expert team regularly presents webinar discussions with businesses looking to further their understanding of battery fire risks and build awareness in their team.

To cover all concerns, we aim to present specialist webinars for 1 to 1.5 hours including questions before, during or after the session. 

These webinars are presented by two EV FireSafe experts and will focus on your specific industry or vehicles. Sessions cost AU$3,500.00 (ex GST) and can be recorded and uploaded to your intranet.

Contact our Director for more information.
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Design, Install & Maintain Safer EVs & Charging in Buildings (Online Course)

Want to support electric vehicles in your building but concerned about fire risk?

Lithium-ion battery fires are in the media almost every day...but, where do the actual risks lie and how can those responsible for EVs and charging in buildings filter fact from fiction?

This online course supports site 
managers, owners corporations, strata companies, government departments and anyone installing electric vehicle 
charging, with data-driven advice and sensible resources to understand and mitigate risk.

Onsite Group Training Sessions

Established your business operating procedures, but want to conduct awareness training?

Our team can run onsite training that follow your procedures and emergency plans for lithium-ion battery or electric vehicle fires.

We have experience across the shipping, airports, mining and military sectors, and can adapt training to suit your industry. Onsite battery fire training can be run anywhere in the world.

Please contact our Director for more information.
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Flexible training - do it from anywhere, on any device
Train with experts (who are also EV-experienced firefighters!)
Data-driven training using real-world incidents

What will you learn?

When you train with EV FireSafe, you're tapping into sensible, data-driven knowledge that's leading the world. Our online or in-person training sessions cover:

  • What is a lithium-ion battery, how are they constructed & where are they used? 
  • What's an electric vehicle (EV) and how do they work?
  • What is 'thermal runaway' and what are the early warning signs?
  • How many EV battery fires have there been around the world?
  • Where are the battery fire risks for your business, site or industry?
  • When is there a higher risk of EV battery fire?
  • When should you call for emergency help?
  • The simple steps you can take to safer EV charging sites
  • Do you need to buy a fire blanket or extinguisher for your site?
  • Download: A Safer EV Charging Site Poster
  • Download: Design, Install and Maintain Safer EV Charging - Checklist
  • Download: How to write a Pre-Incident Plan for your EV Charging Site
  • Download: Draft Standard Operating Procedures for Fleet Drivers

Who is this training for?

Our training helps everyone stay safer around electric vehicles and is designed to assist:
Ports and shipping
Material Handling
Campuses and shopping centres
Health and aged care
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How is EV FireSafe's training delivered?

Train at your own pace online, or join us on a live webinar.

All sessions are delivered by experienced EV FireSafe team members. Our knowledge is not static; it is driven by our global database of real-world incidents, first-hand experience...and your questions and concerns.

We know these concepts can be confusing, so our training breaks them down into simple language and provides sensible, actionable incident management steps.
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Expert training designed for:

Airports, Mining, Military, Ports and Shipping, Logistics, Material Handling, Campuses and Shopping Centres, Health and Aged Care

Introducing your instructors

Emma Sutcliffe

EV FireSafe director
Emma is the Director of EV FireSafe, a private company funded by the Australian Department of Defence to research EV battery fires & emergency response. She is also an operational volunteer firefighter.

Dan Fish

EV firesafe technical specialist
Dan is EV FireSafe's Technical Specialist & EV safety guru. He started his career as a mechanic & became a full-time firefighter 20 years ago. He now has an encyclopaedic knowledge of EVs & high voltage systems.

FAQs about EV FireSafe EV Battery Fire Training for Business & Industry

How often does training run?

Some training can be accessed any time, webinars are held regularly and in-person training is by request.

What will I

Everything you need to know to work more confidently around EVs and lithium-ion batteries!

Can I watch webinars later?

Webinars are recorded & will be available to view later via the enrolment page.

What do I need to do to attend?

Attend online using any device with wifi. In person events may have pre-requisites - ask us about those!

Can I ask

Yes! On webinars we answer some questions live, but you can also email us at hello@evfiresafe.business

Who runs these sessions?

EV FireSafe is funded by the Department of Defence to research EV battery fires. Research at evfiresafe.com

Favourite feedback (so far)...

EV FireSafe is invaluable to those of us concerned with, and working in, lithium-ion battery & EV fire safety. 
Professor Paul Christensen
...so many positive comments & thank you messages from attendees of this training. You have made us all safer.
Country Fire Authority
...an immense contribution in updating concepts & information of high technical relevance for our team.
Sergipe State Vehicle Rescue Commission (Brazil)

The EV FireSafe team are

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