EV FireSafe are proud to launch
Electric Responder LIVE 2024!


What is 
Electric Responder

Electric Responder 2024 is a live EV training event for emergency responders from every agency to explore the tools, tactics and techniques they need to adapt response to an electrified world.

We're excited to announce our first Electric Responder event will be held in Melbourne on Sunday 11th August! 

Places are limited, tickets will go on sale in late May, so please register your interest to be the first to know.

Thank you!
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What do Electric Responders learn?


EV Awareness Session

How is a lithium-ion battery constructed and used in EVs ? We'll break down the basics you need to enact a confident response to electric vehicles.

EV ERG & Explore

How can responders Identify, Assess, Immobilise, Isolate and Monitor an EV involved in a collision or fire?  All sessions include EV familiarisation.

EV Skills Drills

Real-life incidents learnings...work through training drills, conduct IAIIM EVABC and examine EV collision outcomes and improvements

EV Road Rescue Demo

At our first event experience two of Australia's leading road rescue teams enact EV entrapment scenarios on two popular EV brands

Why should you become an
Electric Responder?

The world is electrifying...are you ready to respond?
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EV are here to stay

You may not be a fan of electric vehicles, but their numbers are doubling year on year, with over 40 million on the road in early 2024. Most major manufacturers have announced dates on which they'll stop making internal combustion vehicles. They're here and we need to adapt!

EVs pose new risks

The EV sector moves rapidly, and there are new risks and challenges for responders when an EV is involved in collision or fire. EV FireSafe's data-driven training is carefully designed and delivered to provide scenarios and solutions based on real-world incidents.

Safety around EVs is key

It doesn't matter which uniform you wear, you have to learn new techniques (and adapt familiar ones!) to ensure your safety - and that of your crew - around electric cars, buses and trucks. EV FireSafe's training breaks down complex concepts to simple language to make you safer, faster.

What are the learning outcomes?

Identify risks and hazards

Electric Responders can independently identify risks and hazards of electric vehicles in road traffic collision and fire

Act to ensure safety

Electric Responders can confidently determine how to mitigate risks and hazards for crew and occupant safety

Techniques, tactics, tools

Electric Responders have advanced knowledge of techniques and tactics, and can incorporate the right tools, to manage an EV incident

Real-world incident insights

Electric Responders have experience with EV FireSafe Skills Drills they can use to share life-saving knowledge with their crew and agency

Understand thermal runaway

Electric Responders know how to monitor for, and detect, the early warning signs of EV battery fire and understand the process and consequences 

Post incident considerations

Electric Responders can identify battery fire risk using EV FireSafe's EV ABC and communicate that to secondary responders


We've started the countdown to Electric Responder 2024!

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Tickets on sale soon, but places are limited - register now!

Join us in Melbourne on Sunday 11th August for the very first Electric Responder event!

Thank you!

About EV FireSafe's Electric Responder training events

Electric Responder is our training program...once you've completed training with our expert team, you become an EV FireSafe Electric Responder 

We established Electric Responder in 2024 to support all emergency personnel in the transition to a world of electrified transport.
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Electric Responders are active emergency services members who've undertaken a one-day training intensive with our expert team.

On completion, Electric Responders have the knowledge and skills to not only confidently manage incidents involving EVs, but share that knowledge with their colleagues, using EV Skills Drills developed by the EV FireSafe team.

Our training can be run for any agency, anywhere in the world as a One Day Electric Responder event or a Five Day Train the Trainer event.

Want to organise Electric Responder or Train the Trainer sessions for your agency? Get in touch!

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